Quick disclaimer before you enter my little website!

This site is made by an adult, for other adults. It doesn't feature anything out-right explicit, but adult language and adult topics will be discussed inside!
I know my little fursona is cute, but this is not a site for unsupervised minors!

I also want to warn you that this is my first time making a website (or coding anything in HTML or CSS from scratch) so it's NOT mobile friendly, and may look like absolute dogshit on non-conventional resolutions. I'm doing this in firefox on a 1920 x 1080 pixel monitor, and it will look best on similar-ish setups! The biggest issue I've noticed is my little floatie taking up like 90% of the screen on mobile.
No I won't get rid of it. That's me supervising your visit.

If you've read and understood all of the above, feel free to keep exploring sourlulu.neocities.org!